Discharge planning starts as soon as the person is admitted to hospital. It is important to let the hospital staff knows as early as possible if they will require support at home. We work with discharge coordinators (or ward care coordinator) to coordinate the planning process and we take over from the day they leave hospital so that they are not alone.

When people with complex care needs, such as brain injury or spinal cord injury, are preparing move from hospital to home-based care, a carefully planned transition is essential.

At Blakehill Healthcare, we will work with the client, their family, hospital staff and other stakeholders, such as commissioners and social services, to assess the clinical and other needs of the client so that we can provide a bespoke package of care once they return home.

Because of the complex nature of our clients’ conditions, we will introduce our staff to the client well before they are due for discharge, so that they can become familiar with specific care requirements within the hospital setting, and providing client-specific training.

This process also enables the care team to get to know the client – including their likes, dislikes, preferences and wishes about the life they want to lead once back at home – as an individual.

By understanding the client and their condition, we are ideally placed to advise on and implement measures at home, such as introducing aids and adaptations that will make life easier, more comfortable and more dignified in a home setting.