We are a Bristol based healthcare agency that was set up simply with the desire to improve and deliver better healthcare to the vulnerable in the South West Region. We have worked tirelessly for over a decade to develop our expertise in various healthcare establishments alongside primary medical services and clinical commissioning groups.

We aim to continue doing work that is at the heart of who we are as a family business. Our view of quality and outstanding care is derived from a personal place the question we ask is “would ‘my mother’ be happy with our service” and we can assure you without any doubt that the answer to that question is yes and this a clear indicator of the pride and dedication we put in what we do.

We have a network of registered healthcare trainers, Business Managers and a fully trained Registered Nurse to support and develop our carers and to ensure our level of service and care to our customers meet above and beyond the ‘mum’s test.

We provide high quality domiciliary care services individually tailored to your needs in the South West.

We specialise in providing carers and home care services to private individuals, clients from NHS, nursing homes, residential homes and local councils.

Our Credentials
Blakehill Healthcare is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a Care Provider .Our team of highly experienced, qualified, professionals are trained with the skills that are necessary to deliver outstanding support to our clientele, Background Screened and Criminal History Checked.

Staff Profile
A list of current staff and their qualifications is available on request. The staff allocated to support you will be chosen in order to match their skills with your needs. In addition to the direct support staff the Registered Manager works 40 hours per week, most of which should be in addition to the levels displayed.

Employees receive the training appropriate to their work, for example Food Hygiene. All employees receive annual training in health and safety matters such as moving and handling, fire awareness and procedures, adult protection issues, and a range of other matters.

Making a Complaint and Giving Compliments
We believe that complaints and compliments are a valuable indicator of the quality of our service, and an opportunity to improve that quality. We encourage Service Users to instigate the complaints procedure whenever they feel that this is necessary. We do not wish to confine complaints to major issues. It is our policy that all matters which disturb or upset a Service User should be reported, recorded, and corrective action should be taken. Only in that way can we work towards meeting our aim of continuously improving our service.

Our commitment is that:

  • All complaints will be taken seriously;
  • All complaints will be acted upon with fairness and impartiality;
  • You will receive a response within 24 hours of the complaint being made, and a final reply within 28 days;
  • If the complaint is upheld, you will receive a written apology and appropriate action will be taken to rectify the complaint, and you will be informed of what that action is;
  • Service Users are entitled to involve an impartial third party in the complaint procedure if they so wish.
  • Service Users and their representatives may take their complaints to persons in authority outside the Agency. In the event of a serious issue and complaint, you should contact the CQC.

Privacy and Dignity
We aim to respect your privacy and dignity at all times. Please speak out, or speak to the supervisor or Registered Manager if your privacy or dignity is not being respected.